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Studies show concerns about care provided by non-physicians


The landmark study “Targeting Value-based Care with Physician-led Care Teams” published in the Journal of the Mississippi State Medical Association (2022) showed that having an NP or PA for primary care (PCP) resulted in:

  • Decreased quality - Physicians performed better than NPs/PAs in 9 out of 10 quality measures

  • Increased cost - totaling $10.3 M per year for the organization 

  • Increased ER visits - even though NP/PA patients were younger and healthier. Further, NP/PA patients were more likely to go to the ER than patients without ANY PCP.

  • Policy change - The Hattiesburg Clinic no longer allows NP/PAs to act in a primary care role - all patients are seen by a primary physician, with NPs/PAs working under physician direction in a truly physician-led team




While physicians are being urged to “choose wisely," research raises concerns about nonphysician practitioners' overuse of health care resources, with studies showing that NPs/PAs:



(CRNA) We found an increased risk of adverse disposition in cases where the anesthesia provider was a nonanesthesiology professional.

Both 30-day mortality rate and mortality rate after complications (failure-to-rescue) were lower when anesthesiologists directed anesthesia care.

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