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It costs you the same OR MORE to see a non-physician practitioner

While nurse practitioners and physician assistants are paid somewhat less than physicians by corporations, YOU pay the same amount when you are treated by them.  For example, if an NP or PA is practicing 'under supervision' by a physician, even if in name only, they are permitted to bill at 100% the rate of the physician. If they are practicing independently, they bill 85% of the physician rate. However, NPs and PAs are seeking legislation to be paid THE SAME as physicians, even if they are practicing independently, and this is already the law in the state of Oregon. 

In addition, since NPs and PAs:

  • order more lab tests

  • order more radiology tests

  • refer to specialists more often

  • do more biopsies

  • prescribe more medications

  • see patients back more frequently

it's possible that it may cost you MORE to be treated by an non-physician practitioner than a physician!

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